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​MICRO RING    $$$

Micro Ring extensions are done by connecting tiny bits of pre-bundled hair to your existing hair using little rings or beads. Once the hair is pulled through the ring it is compressed to ensure a lasting hold.  Micro Loops work on the same principle but eliminate the need of a separate loop tool. This is because every bundle of hair has a loop and bead pre-connected. This makes for faster application. Micro Rings can be uncrimped and reused. Micro Loops can only be adjusted.

Installation time:​               4+ hours

Hold time:                           3-5 Months

•No heat or glue that could damage your hair
•Easy to remove or adjust

•They are detectable with short hair
•Not good for people with hair that breaks easily

WEAVING (Sewn-In)     $$

Weaving is done by creating a cornrow, or a small braid that runs horizontally across the clients head. You then sew a hair weft to it using a "C" shaped needle. This creates for a long hold time that will not damage your hair due to the fact that there are no chemicals or glues involved.

Application Time:                     1-2 hours
Hold Time:                                   2-3 Months 

•No heat or glue involved that can damage hair
•Easy to take out

•Can be painful due to the tight braids
•Hair Loss is possible if the braids are too tight

CLIP-IN     $$

Clip-In hair extensions are wefts of hair that have clips attached to them. They range from one clip with 2 inches of hair, to four clip systems with 8 inches of hair. They are easy to install, and a budget friendly method for getting long, full hair instantly. They are perfect for daily wear or just a night out.

Application Time:             5-10 Minutes

Hold Time                           1-10 Days

•Easy to apply
•Easy to care for
•Can install on your own

•Have to remove daily to prevent damage to real hair
•If left in for a long time, clips will damage natural hair
•They are cheap, so usually the hair will not last as long

Keratin Fusion     $$$$

Hot Fusion extensions are pre-tipped bundles of hair that use a heating tool to connect to your natural hair. They are usually made of protein based keratin polymer.   so avoid this method if you have thinning or weak hair.

Application Time:             4-6 hours

Hold Time:                          3-6+Months

•The Keratin tip is clear so matches your hair color
*More natural appearance, more options for styling, 
*Minimal Daily up-keep 

*In salon removal 
*They will damage hair over time if not cared for properly. 

We want you to have the most pleasant experience possible when it comes to selecting,
 applying and removing your extensions! Here you will find information about all types of methods for application.

To learn more about hair extension application and hair extension accessories, Contact us to set up a free consultation.
We can help you decide what method, color, texture and length best suits your needs.

Once your extensions are applied, you will need to properly care for
and maintain them; we carry many tools and products to help manage your extensions!
Take a look at the information below and do not hesitate to contact us for additional information!​

All hair is 100% human hair, there is absolutely no artificial or non-human hair mixes. All our cuticles are intact and run in the same direction, preventing tangling and matting. The cuticle layer is still perfectly healthy and intact and going in the same direction which means “remy.” 

The cost of hair varies depending on length, texture, color and how many hair extensions are needed for each individual client,  
We special order all hair after a complete consultation is completed, With a $100.00 non refundable deposit to start the order of the extensions and confirm your appointment date.
We offer a $25 1/2 hr consultation  fee that may be go towards a deposit for your appointment, it’s to better understand your hair and what method would best suit you, based on your desired look! We gaurentee our work and strive to help our clients understand how important proper maintenence is in keeping your natural hair and investment looking its best. With proper care extensions can be reapplied. 

Please call us at (802)257-5030 with any questions or to set up your FREE consultation!
Tape In's are our most widely used Hair Extensions. Ask your stylist for information.